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"Blue and Silver" Handmade Cupcake holder

"Blue and Silver" Handmade Cupcake holder

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"Blue and Silver" Handmade Cupcake holder

These handmade Cupcake holder make great and unique decor in your home. For sure a conversation starter and eye catcher! Perfect for housewarming gifts, loved ones, special occasions or any other meaningful event.

Can be customized in any color and style you would like...
Please contact me for your special order.

- High quality food safe resin
- Pigment colors & paint
- Gold, silver or rose gold leaves

- Non-toxic materials
- Scratch resistant
- Heat resistant up to 70 degrees.

Care Instructions:
- This product is not suitable for dishwasher and should not be submerged and left in water.
- Wipe with warm, clean cloth.
**Each item is handcrafted, poured and painted and due to the nature of the material used variations & small imperfections are possible.

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